Tasuku Aoyama


1981 Born in Japan
2005 Completed the department of oil painting, Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and MusicExhibition
2005 "a gift" Gallery Yada in Nagoya,Japan (Group)
2008 "the scene" Aichi Art Center,space X in Nagoya,Japan(Solo)
2009 "transitions" Yorozu Gellery in Nagoya, Japan(Solo)
2010 "Group Cologne Japan" in Cologne, Germany(Group)
2010 "Japanische Kunst" Galerie Knoetzmann in Frankfurt,Germany(Group)
Memories day by day make me feel visions for the future.
Is it the dream I had yesterday? That might also be an image
from my memories, but it is different.
The difference is my hope
and the insecurity of the future.

Wild imagination from these memories could lead to visions for the future.
I hope these sceneries can evolve into a part of your memories.